Every morning we transform buffalo milk into mozzarella, following a centuries-old family tradition.

Our main brands

Caseificio La Fattoria has been on the Italian and international market for over thirty years.

La Zizzona di Battipaglia®

The brand associated to our giant Zizzona, a buffalo milk mozzarella with a witty shape, whose weight varies from 1 to 10 kg.

Antica Mozzata di Battipaglia®

The brand that identifies the standard sizes of our buffalo milk mozzarella (bocconcini, 250g mozzarella, braids, etc.)

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana "La Fattoria" PDO

The brand that identifies our line of PDO Buffalo Milk Mozzarella.

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Fall in love with our Zizzona®

A product that celebrates prosperity, maternal warmth, hospitality and conviviality typical of the southern Italy

Battipaglia, our land, the beating heart of Buffalo Mozzarella

Our city Battipaglia and the surrounding territories are considered the homeland of buffalo mozzarella. In fact, in the past these marshy lands, which extended up to Paestum, represented the ideal habitat for the Mediterranean buffalo.

Antica Mozzata di Battipaglia

The Legend

The history and origins of buffalo mozzarella are lost in the mists of time. But the Legend of the Ancient Mozzata of Battipaglia says that this cheese was born from the meeting between a nymph and a young shepherd.

Antica Mozzata di Battipaglia

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For over thirty years we have been producing and shipping Buffalo Mozzarella all over the world


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Buffalo milk is a living, unpredictable material.
You have to chase it every morning, because it is wild just like the animal that produces it. To transform it into a good mozzarella it is necessary to tame it.
And to do this you need to have a sixth sense: something that no one knows what it is, that no one teaches you.

And those who possess it thank the Lord for giving it to them.

– Don Sabatino Sciorio (1929),
Cheesemaker from Battipaglia and grandfather of the founders